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Become A Super Efficient Smart Network Solo Partner

Welcome to our site, where we've setup a powerful super solo ad network.

We're seeking interested partners to join us in this venture to make it a huge success.

This is where you come in... As an established owner of a text ad exchange, we would like to offer you a partnership in this network so you can build your list and profit greatly by participating. We can accept a maximum of 75 sites to join us in this venture.

When you become a Partner in Super Efficient Smart Network Solo's here's what will happen:

-> Our programmer will login to your cpanel, and add some tables to your database, and a cronjob to the list of cronjobs on your site. This will enable the super solo ads that we approve to be sent out from your server.

-> Our programer can add the Super Efficient Smart Network Solo to any text ad exchange, it doesn't have to be using a super solo script, your site can be using a "Free and Pro script", "Free, Pro and JVPartner script", "Pro, JVPartner and Super JV script", etc.

-> Your site will also be included in our VIP Partner Sites web page for our members to see and join, increasing the number of members in your web site.

-> The total number of members in your program will be included in the total number of members that our super solo ads reach.

-> You will be upgraded to a Super JV membership in our text ad exchange MySmartlistOnline.

-> You will receive $3 or more for every super solo ad you sell from your site (the price you charge can't be under $3 per Super Solo but you can charge anything over $3).

-> You don't need to worry about handling or delivering the super solo ad. That's taken care of from our end, and automated on your end.

-> Explanation of the program and buy now buttons will be added to your site automatically.

-> You will be able to send one free super solo ad per week.

Members of your site will be able to:

-> Order network ads from their members area.

-> Add their super solo ad for approval after they order from their members area.

-> When we approve their ads it will show the number of all the clicks that their solo received from all the sites in the network from their members area.

-> Members will be able to click/view and earn credits of all Smart Super Solo Network ads from their members area.

There's no doubt that selling Super Efficient Smart Network Solo's will effectively increase your income at your text ad exchange and will help grow your member base over time.

Does this sound like something you'd like to partner with us in? We hope so!

To participate, there is a one-time setup cost of $30 which looks after the programming involved.

Ready To Join Us & Become A Partner In Super Efficient Smart Network Solo's?

First up, all you need to do is send an email to us at, with the subject, 'New Partner Member Details', and include the following details:

- Your name
- Your site name
- Current total number of members
- URL to your control panel
- Login details for your control panel.

Please rest assured that your cpanel details will be kept confidential, and only shared with our programmer so he can update your database.

Once that's done, please click the image below to make your payment, then continue afterwards to signup for a free account.

When your transaction has been validated, we will upgrade your account at MySmartlistOnline to Super JV level, and give you some complimentary advertising to get you going.

We will advise you when our programmer has completed the installation, and you can test the network before starting to promote. If you know of anyone with a similar site to yours that is building their exchange quickly, and might like to participate in this offer, do feel free to let them know, as we have a limit to how many can join us in this venture.

Click one of the links below to make your one-time payment of $30 to join our network.

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